Words from satisfied clients

Dr. Greco is the BEST dentist. People always stop me to comment on my beautiful teeth. His cosmetic esthetic work is unsurpassed.

If you've had a bad experience in the past, I'd especially recommend Dr. Greco since he is pain free. The entire staff are the nicest and most pleasant people that I've ever met.
I wish I could give a Dr. Greco more than five stars because he deserves 20 stars! I was experiencing severe pain in my jaw due to TMJ and Dr. Greco took care of me and I finally free feel normal again.

If you are like me and hate going to dentist appointments, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Greco. He is really the best and will take really good care of you.
Dr. Greco is not only the best dentist I've ever seen, he is also the best doctor that I've ever been to. My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Greco's for 14 years. Both he and his amazing staff are above and beyond the graciousness and service that I've ever received in any doctor's office.

Whether it be a cleaning or more serious issue, they not only address everything you need immediately, but they ensure your comfort during and after any procedure. On a side note, I always receive referrals from the doctors I like for other doctors.

Anytime and I mean anytime, I have ever asked Dr. Greco for guidance he is not only showing 110% care as he has followed through to see how it went even when the referred doctor did not. He is not only the best doctor I've ever been to, I can honestly categorically exclaim he is one of the best men and human beings I've ever known.

I would recommend him and his office to anyone and everyone without any reservation whatsoever. Best office in LA hands down.
Being the son of a dentist myself (New York City area), I'm a bit picky when it comes to my teeth. From the stuff I learned from my dad, it has also made me a bit paranoid of getting a dishonest dentist or someone who doesn't practice prevention.

Dr. Greco is awesome. The hygienists are thorough by being gentle and the office staff is very helpful and friendly as well. My wife and I have been coming to him for more than eight years and I have no doubt we picked a great dentist. (Well worth driving all the way across town for even after we moved.)
Dr. Greco and his team did a full mouth reconstruction for me a few years ago. Since I travel often, he would accommodate me on a Saturday or late on the weekday. He made the entire process painless and easy.

I constantly get compliments on my teeth. I see him for checkups once a year and I've had no issues at all. Don't hesitate, you will be thrilled with the process and the results!
I have known Dr. Greco for 20 years. I grew up with a fear of dentists, which meant that I hardly went. Sound familiar? I now go every few months for a cleaning and every year to Dr. Greco for a checkup. He is an excellent dentist and a wonderful person.

So wonderful that a year ago when I nearly fainted on a street near his office, he stayed with me until my husband arrived. Who does that? So, if you're like me and have to work yourself up to go to the dentist for weeks, I would definitely go to see Dr. Greco. One more thing period his entire staff is welcoming and that makes a huge difference.
Excellent office staff! State of the art technology! Dr. Greco takes a detailed dental history and does an extremely thorough dental exam (the most complete and thorough exam from any other dentist I've ever seen) and shows great care and concern treating his patients.

He is very knowledgeable, takes his time to explain dental procedures, has an engaging personality and he is technically and medically excellent! He is highly recommended.
I've been a patient of Dr. Greco for almost 20 years. He has cared for me and my daughter - now an adult who continues to fly in from the East Coast to see him. I've referred family and friends and I will always continue to do so.

I know that he will only recommend work that is necessary, and when he does the work it is top quality and lasts for decades. He is concerned about the health and welfare of his patients, and I would never choose to go to another dentist.
Dr. Greco is by far one of the most incredible dentists that I've come to be serviced by to date. Not only is his quality of work superior, he welcomes you with an open smile, listens to your needs and provides support to answer any of your questions regarding dentistry.

I can 100% trust Dr. Greco with any of my dental needs. And did I mention that the office is beautiful!?! Thank you, Dr. Greco!
Dr. Greco is the best cosmetic dentist in town. I have had veneers for 12 years and they're still going strong! I get compliments all the time. He also replaced my old fillings with composites so that my teeth look like I've never had a cavity.

I'm very picky when it comes to my dentist and I feel like he's not only a great guy who's always paying close attention to what I want, but really takes care of me. Dr. Greco has been my dentist for over 20 years. He is also very likeable and gentle.